Thursday, March 6, 2008


An old man of 75 was sitting on a couch near the window which veiw's the back yard of his house in the morning when the sun was riseing .He saw the whole process of setting up of dawn and the night changes to a new day .In that pleasent moment he was not happy of life because he was thinking of someone's bad experience of life , suddenly an idea came into his mind to write about her life he quickly got up and took a bundle of 10 to 15 pages and a pen. First he wrote her name at the top of the page 1 "jill" . But now he dont have words to express his feelings and to write the beggining of the story.He was just thinking still and his eyes were on the paper focusing her name and he was bolding the characters of her name and his eyes was filled with tears while tinking about her.
Jill lived in a small village with her mom and grand mother .This village is known as the place of greenry ond happiness and is located near a bigcity free from all kind of pollution.There was no tension among the people here they loved each other and they took care of others. Jill's father had died when she was only five years old.She loved her father very much and mised him always.
Jill always use to listhen stories about her father from her grand mother ,that who her father was? and his sucsess stories he was hero in all stories which she have heard and she love those stories because they helped her to made the picture of her father into his mind.She mised her father when ever she looked other children with their fathers .Jill also got conffiused when ever her friends ask her about her father because its heard for her to tell them the truth.when she got diappointed or any faileurs in life she thought that was because she dont have father.she also used to sitt alone under the shadow of the tree at the backyard of her house and goes in deep thoughts to memmorize the picture of her father.But she can't because jill was only five years old when her father died.
In her college lifeshe had very good friends who always take care of her,she always enjoy their company and had beggun a new life of happiness and enjoyment. Once she was sitting alone in her college and an unknown person came there and he asked her for some guidence about the college but jill did not replied he realized that she was upset, he just sitt next to her and asked about her problems jill did not know him but his friendly nature made her to share her feelings with him.His name was jack and he was a new comer in her college. As the time passed they become best friends ,jill loved him also. Once she was sitting in caffetaria and jack had arrived.

"Hey jill,whats up". jack asked her
"I'm just waiting for my next class" jill replied
"ok, are u free to night?i haved planned to go for movie". jack asked her
"I'm free but I'll not be able to come ". jill answered
"Why?" jack asked her surprisingly
"Because my grandmother is not well" she replied
"Oh, you should tell me before .... whatever i will come to your place today to see
her" jack said to jill

After college jack went directly to jill's place when he arrived, there was little panic because her grandmother's condition become serious. Jill"s mom asked jack to bring some medicines jack quickly went to bought them but he did'nt came back.Then jill's mother asked their neighbours to bring medicines and they bought, but jill was still waiting for jack it had passed two hours and then those two hours changes to days and then weeks but there was no news of jack.Jill' grandmother recoveredin few days .Jill daily asked her friends and college administration about jack but can't get any information.No body knowes where does he went ?and why he did'nt came back? After a passage of time jill also stoped going to college when her friends came to her home to find her they asked jill"s mom that
"where is jill ?why she was not coming to college"she replied "she was in the garden " when they went there in garden and there she was sitting under the shadow of tree "All still and mesmerized. She had never thought of things turning this way. She did not know how to take it. Only tears were streaming her eyes speaking in volumes for her feelings.

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